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Small business loans provide critical financing for physicians to cover costs like purchasing expensive medical equipment, hiring specialized staff, securing office space, and managing fluctuating patient volumes.

Multiple loan options exist including SBA loans, medical practice loans, equipment financing and traditional bank loans, each with specific advantages based on a provider’s needs and qualifications.

With the right small business loan, physicians can access capital to establish or expand their practice and improve their services.

Construction Loans For Physicians

Key Takeaways on Medical Practice Loans

Loan TypeAmountsTermsSpeedUse Cases
SBA LoansUp to $5M10-25 years1-3 monthsExpansion, staffing, equipment
Bank LoansUp to $250k1-7 years1 week – 1 monthEquipment, renovations
Medical Practice Loans25k – 5M1-7 years24 hours – 1 monthEquipment, payroll, practice purchase
Equipment Financing10k – 500k2-7 years1 week – 1 monthLarge equipment purchases

Loan Options Tailored for Healthcare Providers

The good news is that you have multiple loan options to choose from as a medical practitioner. Here are some of the top choices:

SBA Loans

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers several loan programs aimed at helping healthcare businesses. SBA 7(a) and 504 loans provide competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms up to 25 years. The downside is that SBA loans can take 1-3 months for approval due to extensive paperwork.

Bank Loans

Approaching your regular bank for a small business loan is convenient. They already have your financial history. Bank loans often offer lower amounts up to $250k and higher rates than SBA options. But you may be able to get funds quicker.

Medical Practice Loans

Specialized lenders offer customized loans for healthcare providers. They understand the unique needs of medical practices. Options include secured term loans, lines of credit for flexibility, and fast merchant cash advances.

Business Loan For Doctors

Business Loans For Physicians – Equipment Financing

Financing companies can fund large medical equipment purchases through loans and leases. This frees up cash for other aspects of your practice. Equipment loans from 10k up to 500k are available.

Compare Loan Amounts And Terms

Loan amounts range from 25k to over 5 million for healthcare businesses. When choosing the right financing, consider these factors:

  • Loan amount needed for your goals
  • Terms and repayment timeline – longer terms have lower monthly payments
  • Interest rates and fees – fixed rates provide predictability
  • Collateral required – some loans depend on business or personal assets
  • Eligibility and approval requirements – credit scores, financial docs
  • Speed of funding – from 2 days to 2 months

Always compare multiple lenders to find the best overall loan for your medical practice. Prioritize lenders that specialize in funding healthcare providers.

Action tip: Use an online loan calculator to estimate potential monthly payments at different loan amounts, terms, and interest rates.

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Small Business Loans For Doctors

Loan Uses and Application Process

Medical practice loans provide financing for a wide range of uses. Here are some of the most common:

Essential Expenses Covered

  • Purchasing or upgrading medical equipment like MRI machines, dentist chairs, surgical tools, and more
  • Renovating, expanding, or outfitting your practice facilities – furniture, technology, accessibility
  • Hiring, training, and compensating staff – nurses, medical assistants, administrators
  • Managing payroll and overhead during periods of lower patient volume
  • Practice acquisition costs when buying an existing practice
  • Refinancing existing debt from school loans or higher interest financing
Physician Practice Loans

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Steps for Securing Financing

The loan application process will vary by lender but often includes:

  • Submitting an online application with business and personal financial details
  • Providing required documentation like prior tax returns, bank statements, profit and loss statements
  • Allowing an inspection of your medical credentials and licenses
  • Waiting for lender review and approval – can take from 24 hours to a few months
  • Reviewing and signing your loan agreement
  • Receiving loan disbursement into your business account – either lump sum or in tranches
  • Making monthly repayments as outlined in your agreement

Insider tip: Work with an accountant to ensure your financial paperwork is well-organized and accurate before applying. This speeds up the process.

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New Construction Loans For Physicians

Compare Your Financing Options

With multiple loan types available, it’s essential to compare your options side-by-side and weigh the pros and cons for your specific situation. Here are some key factors to consider:

Traditional Bank Loans

These loans from local banks are a familiar option for many:


  • Comfortable application process if you have an existing relationship
  • Potentially low interest rates
  • Fixed monthly payments


  • Low maximum loan amounts, often under $250k
  • Lengthy approval process, especially for larger loans
  • Inflexible terms and use of funds
Loans For Physicians With Bad Credit

SBA Loans

SBA-guaranteed financing offers notable benefits:


  • Higher loan amounts up to $5 million
  • Extended 25-year repayment terms
  • Competitive fixed interest rates


  • Extensive paperwork and documentation
  • 1-3 months for approval
  • Not suitable for quick access to funds

Medical Practice Loans

These specialized loans cater directly to healthcare providers:


  • Customized for medical practices
  • Specialist support and advice
  • Faster approval than SBA loans


  • Generally higher interest rates
  • Lower maximum loan size
  • Need good credit history

Insider Tip: Consider blending SBA and medical practice loan options to enjoy both optimized interest rates and easy access to financing.

Loans For Physicians

Compare Loan Terms and Eligibility

When researching types of loans, it’s crucial for business owners to understand the loan terms and eligibility criteria. Traditional bank loans often have shorter 1-5 year terms, while SBA loans stretch out to 10 or 25 years. Medical practice loans fall somewhere in between.

Online lenders and alternative lenders catering to healthcare can offer faster access to financing but may have higher rates or additional requirements like business plans and financial projections. Compare options to find competitive rates and ideal terms for your practice.

Action Step: Ask about fees and prepayment penalties when evaluating loan terms. You want flexibility.

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Seek Out Affordable Financing

Every medical practice wants to secure capital at the lowest rates possible. Here are tips for finding affordable business loans:

  • Maintain a strong business credit score above 680
  • Provide detailed, accurate financial projections
  • Offer collateral like equipment or property if possible
  • Keep credit card balances low and personal finances healthy
  • Consider SBA loans and community lenders for long-term loans
  • Use short-term financing like merchant advances carefully

With strong credentials, you can access the most affordable medical practice financing.

Prepare a Loan Application Strategy

Applying for the right small business loan takes preparation:

  • Order your credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion
  • Compile tax returns, bank statements, and financial paperwork
  • Create projections and a business plan if required
  • Research lenders and options for medical practice financing
  • Compare rates and loan terms across multiple lenders
  • Evaluate choices based on your goals, finances, and timeline

With an organized application strategy, you can secure short-term or long-term loans at competitive rates tailored for your healthcare practice.

Choose the Right Loan for Your Practice

Every medical business has unique needs and financial circumstances. With the major pros and cons in mind, here are two scenarios showing how physicians could select the ideal loan:

Scenario 1: Establishing a New Practice

Dr. Sarah Kim is starting her own orthodontics practice in a leased commercial space. She needs financing to cover build-out, equipment, and operating costs as she establishes her patient base.

Ideal Loan Choice: Medical practice loan

Rationale: Dr. Kim needs fast access to funds to get her practice up and running. A specialized lender can offer expedited underwriting and loan decision. The term loan provides flexibility across multiple startup costs.

Scenario 2: Expanding an Existing Practice

Dr. Michael Davis has operated a thriving general medicine practice for five years. He’s ready to bring on two new physicians and expand his office space.

Ideal Loan Choice: SBA 7(a) loan

Rationale: With good revenue history, Dr. Davis can qualify for the higher amounts and optimized rates of an SBA loan. The long repayment term works for the large expansion goals.

Assessing your current needs and future vision for your healthcare business is the starting point for picking the right loan option.

Loans For Doctors With Bad Credit

As a financing advisor, one of my most rewarding experiences was working with Dr. Sarah Jensen, a pediatrician looking to expand her practice. After operating from a small office for years, Dr. Jensen was ready to move into a larger dedicated pediatric clinic that could better serve the growing needs of families in her area. However, the costs of leasing a new space, hiring additional staff and purchasing equipment were daunting.

I worked closely with Dr. Jensen over two months to assess her goals, finances and options. We decided on a customized term loan and SBA loan blend to quickly access over $750,000 for her expansion at competitive rates. Together, we put together a thorough application highlighting her medical experience and solid business plan. It took persistence through a complex process, but I was proud to get the call from Dr. Jensen on opening day, overjoying at seeing her vision come to life in the beautiful new clinic. Nothing is more gratifying than helping dedicated physicians like Dr. Jensen make their healthcare business dreams a reality.


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